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The Action Plan document provides parents and visitors with a summary of the new policies and protocols that will be put in place for the reopening. Click on the download file button to access the document. 


The children stay in a same cohort for the entire month. It's like a small bubble for their safety.



Every child creates his/her own way with same materials. And the option is endless for Loose parts!


The individual trays are great way to provide children with visible boundaries.


A child is the only author of his/her own play using Loose parts!


We bring the classroom to outside with craft, sensory, literacy and more.




A small washable mat provide children to see each other's boundaries. They learn by seeing and touching the objects not by being told.


The endless ways to create sensory fun for kids: individual disposable glove water bag play!

Daily screening for the children and staff

Reminder Sticker

Every child has his/her art/craft materials in individual bins with name on to prevent sharing materials. All the materials are disinfected after each activities.

Program offers materials which are easy to disinfect after use. Every material is sanitised after each use.

We encourage individual play based on the child's interest.

Indoor play with physical distancing

Children enjoy sensory activities using individual trays.

Children enjoy art experience within his/her own physical boundaries.

Every sensory material is only used for one time then thrown away.

Craft activity using individual bin : every child has a his/her bin equipped for the craft or art activities. We only share the fun but not the materials!

2 children per table practicing social distancing

We sit together but keeping the distance for the meal.

Meal time with social distancing

Outdoor play with social distancing in mind...

Outdoor water activities using individual sensory bins. Every material is disinfected after use.

Outdoor sensory play using individual bins

Outdoor play with physical distancing

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Every child creates his/her own way with same materials. And the option is endless for Loose parts!