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April Stories 

As the winter slumber has passed, the light begins to shine brightly once more, with plants and flowers springing into bloom, with little animals hopping in the grass looking for a worm or two, and as newly built nests fill with delicate little eggs of all kinds begin to fill the trees, the air finally seems fresher as Spring fever is gradually filling our hearts. 

Continuing to celebrate the sweet vibrations of Spring, the children at Rainbow Village experienced a sense of growth and engaged in a time of productivity and joy. This month was filled with exciting new learning experiences that included food and cooking activities alongside learning different types of weather through experiments. As you take a glance around the gallery, we hope the pictures of the children discovering the joys of exploring, inquiring and learning can bring back memories of your own childhood days! 

The interests observed from the teachers were :

Food & Cooking (Washing fruits, vegetables and dishes, Engaging in creative art by making ice cream & popcorn with cotton balls and spray paint, tracing utensils to make shapes, creating sounds using pots, Using chalk to draw apples, Dramatic play with egg cartons, plastic eggs, grocery shopping carts, cookbooks, and food containers, Food stamping with potatoes, Making fruit kabobs, Cut + paste fruit and vegetable collage)

Celebrating Spring (Tracing with bugs, Water play with bugs, Designing sunflowers and tulips, Making our very own acorns using yellow and brown paper, Spoon race with acorns, Scoop and pour activity with acorns, twigs, pinecones, and sand, Butterfly, ladybug, caterpillar craft, Building a bug station)

Weather (Using coloured blocks and viewing the sun, Creating our very own sun and birds, Making cloud on a stick, Rain cloud experiment) 

People's Occupation & Sounds (Drawing police cars and ambulance using chalk, Creating a police badge, Drama play with uniforms, medical kits & chefs hat, Solving puzzles, Creating firemen with fingerprint play, Designing the car into a fire truck with wheels, Practicing fire drills, Cut + paste activity with flames, Designing squirrels using brown paper bags, Marbles as cars race on tracks, Water play with cars)

Animals and their Habitats, Food, & Sounds (Water play with animal toys, Creating our very own sheeps with shredded paper, Footprints to make animal tracks, Sensory bin with grass and leaves, Reading animal stories)

Alphabets (Tracing letters in cornmeal, Creating our own alphabet train, Drawing and recognizing letters using recipe books and magazines, Using the magnetic board to spell out names) 

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