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Q: What are your staff qualifications?

A: All of our staff are either RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educators with the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario), or ECA (Early Childhood Assistant) with ECA certificate from the local colleges. As the ministry of Education regulates, all of our staff members have current First Aid and CPR certifications as well as a current Police Records Check. As a member of Raising the Bar Peel, our Educators are scheduled to participate in Professional Development  training programs to update their professional knowledge and skills. 

Q: Do you offer subsidized spots? How does it work?

A: Yes, we are subsidized by Region of Peel. For subsidized spots, you need to apply electronically which you can find on the Home Page of the centre’s website. Once you register your child with us, you can contact the subsidy office for an interview. After the interview, the subsidy office will notify us of the outcome. If they agree with you to subsidize your childcare fee, they will notify you with the effective date of the subsidy payment which is often your child’s first day at the centre.

Q: How long do you go outside for?

A: We go outside for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon as required by the Ministry of Education. We go outside rain or shine! This means our parents are required to keep their children’s cubbies well-stocked with all kinds of gear for the weather. Each season, the reminders will be sent home to help the parents to equip their child according to the weather change.

Q: What happens if my child has a fever?

A: We follow health guidelines as per Peel Public Health. If a child has a fever, they can only return to child care after being symptom-free for 24 hours. This means that the child is required to stay home the following day after picked up early due to the symptom.

Q: How do you make sure they don’t get sick?

A: Following sick policies is crucial in ensuring that diseases are not easily spread amongst children. All the toys are sanitized once a week in toddler and preschool room. As well, toys that a child has put in their mouth automatically get put aside to get washed. If an outbreak does occur, families are notified as soon as possible according to Rainbow Village Day Care Centre’s health policy and procedure. Also, extra sanitizing of toys and materials is done until the outbreak sign is lifted and some of the sensory activities are limited to reduce the chance of contamination.

Q: How do I get on your waitlist?

A: We ask that parents fill out the Google Form under the contact page so their contact and child's information is recorded in our waitlist. The waitlist will be updated and monitored on a weekly basis according to the waitlist policy. Please check out the virtual tour video. 

Q: Do you have a waitlist fee?

A: No, our waitlist is free to join. The parent/guardian can leave their information including the child’s name, the date of birth and the contact numbers. Often we invite families come in for a tour of the facilities first. Only when a family is offered a spot they will be asked for a registration fee and a last week’s deposit. For more questions about our waitlist procedure, please contact us to speak with the supervisor.

Q: What methods of discipline do you use?

A: We do not condone any kind of physical discipline, nor do we do ‘time-outs’. It is important that behaviour management is age-appropriate. For example, a toddler that is hurting someone may be redirected to a new activity. It is crucial to us that our children learn appropriate social skills and this is done through Positive Child Guidance such as redirecting, reasoning and modelling to empower them to use a variety of self regulation skills. Behaviour management is monitored regularly and our Educators attend a variety of Professional Development workshops to ensure they are up to date with current practices.

Q: How do you communicate with families?

A: The staff in both rooms use the HiMama app to communicate with each parent/guardian regarding daily activities and records (such as bathroom routines, sleep time, etc). The newsletter will be updated on a monthly basis to announce the upcoming events and changes. For general inquiry, parents/guardians can use the centre’s email and voice system as well. Regarding the child’s daily activities and any concern for the well-being of the child, we highly encourage the parents/guardian to have the important face-to-face interactions with educators during pick-up and drop-off times. It is important to us that families feel comfortable with the people taking care of their little ones. Similarly, our supervisor’s office is always available if a parent has a pressing issue.

Q: What if my child is a preschooler and is not potty-trained?

A: Not a problem! We believe that all children work at their own pace and will be toilet-trained when ready. Each small group has a routine schedule for toilet training and encourages each child to make progress on his/her pace. Positive rewarding system can be used to boost up the child’s motivation level and each success will be celebrated together. Our educators will work with parents to ensure the child’s routine at school and home are as seamless as possible. They will help families through this time so that we can ensure the success of every child in the program.

Q: My child has an anaphylactic allergy. Can you accommodate them?

A: Absolutely! Our centre is completely nut and peanut-free. The parents/guardians are informed not to bringing any outside food to the centre. If they do, they need to notify the centre and the food will be in an airtight container with a label on it. For a special occasion food such as birthday cakes, the parents/guardians have to ensure the centre that the cake is nut-free.

As well, we will work with you to create Allergy List which is a detailed plan in the event the child does come in contact with an allergen. It will be periodically updated and posted on each classroom, kitchen and window facing the playground. If necessary, an Epi-pen will be carried by any educator that is with the child. All staff are trained on this plan including the use of the EpiPen and/or other devices.

Q: What does a licensed child care centre mean?

A: Rainbow Village Day Care Centre is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Every year we go through an unannounced inspection from the Ministry who come in and spend the day ensuring we are in compliance with the Child Care and Early Years Act. We also have quarterly inspections from the Health Department, as well as yearly fire safety inspections. The Region of Peel also comes in and scores us on the Operating Criteria to ensure our centre is offering high-quality programs and standards.

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