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March Stories

The warm, sunny spring weather has come at last from the cold, snowy winter. With the sky painted bright blue and the glorious, beaming sunlight shining on our skin, we are sure to experience an enjoyable time. From the sprouting buds to the baby birds, this charming season filled with beauty welcomes us with new beginnings, outdoor activities, and delightful weather, all of which make spring such a thrilling season. 

During this blooming season, the children at Rainbow Village had the opportunity to engage in a multitude of learning experiences ranging from imaginary play to learning about their body parts. As you may have noticed, this month is filled with tons of pictures that show children exploring new insights, enhancing their creative skills, and growing as curious learners. Take a look, and perhaps you may experience the same excitement through the lens of the children! 

The interests observed from the teachers were :


Kitchen Play (Grocery Flyers, Building your own kitchen with wooden blocks, Fork/spoon painting, Tea-party, Making coloured coffee filter flowers, Art with food, Using sand to make porridge)

Birthdays and Icecreams (Creating ice cream drawing on the wall with paint, Making cupcakes with sand, making a birthday cake with paint)

Farm Animals (Going grocery shopping with carts, sensory play with grass, rocks, trees, Farmhouse and animals, Creating favourite animals with playdough, Tracing with animal footprints, Playing hide and seek by using animals toys, rocks, sand, trees, shovels, and buckets)

Gross Motor (Soccer games, bike riding, Hopscotch)

Construction Play (Pegboards, Tree blocks, 

Alphabets and Children Names ( Digging and finding letters through ice cubes, Letter stamps, Secret letter painting, Engaging in craft play by using flowers to spell out names, Letter scavenger hunt, Yoga, Alphabet race with post-it notes, Squash the bugs with letters, Alphabet chart, Tracing out names on playdough using cookie-cutters, Solving puzzles, Reading storybooks, Writing the first letter of the name)

Dinosaurs ( Egg + spoon race, Dinosaur race, Footprints, Puzzles, Movie, Creating our very own dinosaur, Investigating dinosaur bones with the magnifying glass)

Transportation ( Designing roads using chalk, School bus and tickets, Train set and people, Stoplight craft, Cars mat, Making paper planes, painting the large box to make a car, Outdoor play with dump truck and wagon)

Pets ( Fingerplays, sing-along songs, name your favourite pet and the sounds they make)

Parts of Body and Dressing (Baby dolls and dress up with little socks and fabrics, People puzzles, Tracing friends on chart paper and drawing out body parts, Decorating socks with pompoms and glitter, Tracing hands out, Educator demonstrating on how to put on snow pants and jackets, 

Sky (Using cotton balls to make clouds)

Fruits (Washing fruits, Painting picture of favourite fruits with q-tips, Fruit Kabobs using apples, bananas and pears, 

Doctor Role Play (Imaginary play with doctor kit and babies, Cardboard boxes used as a doctors office) 

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