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Preschool Program

2.5 to 4 years

Our preschool program is tailored to ensure your child is ready to learn when they go off to kindergarten. While receiving guidance from our caring educators, preschoolers are encouraged to express themselves through various means to help establish their own identities and abilities. All the preschool staff at Rainbow Village Day Care Centre are committed to preparing them to become lifelong learners and caring citizens.

Image by Gautam Arora

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:8

Program Features

  • Hands-on learning experiences that help children grasp concepts (such as colours, letters, numbers, patterns, and sequences).

  • Small and large group activities that encourage positive social interaction and essential turn-taking and sharing skills.

  • Daily language experiences are implemented to promote early literacy and language development.

  • Educators are available for daily communication to discuss your child’s day and progress in the program.

  • Stimulating learning centres are established throughout the centre, including creative art, cognitive, dramatic play, blocks, science and nature, and sensory interactions.

  • Scheduled time in our spacious outdoor area encourages the development of large motor skills and physical health.

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