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February Stories 

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 Winter was in full swing during the month of February. We had a few weeks of icy cold weather and many surprising snowfalls as well. However, the children at Rainbow Village were busier than ever enjoying the snowy days and cold weather.

Winter fun and playtime! To many, it was their first shovelling experience, not to mention sledding and Tobogganing. Going up and down the little snow-covered hills was so much fun as they learned how to balance their bodies and control the sled. Also, it was a wonderful opportunity for sensory play experimenting with freezing/melting, hard/soft, cold/warm and sticky/slipping through their activities. The children made snowmen/snow angels and had snowball fights with friends as they returned to the good old, but still favourite kind of fun there is.

The teachers listened and observed in children's interests — a variety of daily activities were planned & materials were provided to children to play, learn and expand their understanding of these interests. 

Birthdays - engaging in celebrations, roleplay with imaginary play, singing song, writing cards 

Me and My Body - roleplaying as hairdresser and doctor's, dance movements

Transportation -  vehicles and their names, colours (yellow school bus, red fire truck, black Police cruiser, white Ambulance, etc.) 

Family - Family Tree, nursery rhymes(Daddy finger, Mommy's finger), fingerplays, puppets storytelling, imaginary play with dollhouse

Bugs - spiders, ants, ladybugs, their habitats, their food 

Dinosaurs - names of different kinds, sizes, their food, how they move(walk, run, jump, crawl, fly)

Food - naming & identifying various fruits and vegetables, making watermelons, vegetable stamping, illustrating shapes of fruits and vegetables(round, long, pointed etc.)

Shapes, Colors and Numbers - creating forms, glueing and cutting, using stepping stones and counting bears, flashcards, painting with stencils, naming colours 

Winter Outdoor Fun - sledding, tobogganing, shovelling snow, building a snowman and snow angels, parachute play, frozen hands

Sensory Exploration - ice, water, frozen, snow, playdough

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