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October Stories 

October is the month of joy and wonder for young children fostering unforgettable memories of new learning experiences. 


Children are quick to observe dramatic changes in how the season of Fall unfolds its beauty gradually; the weather cooling down with a light warmth of the sun on the tip of your nose, trees bidding farewell to their green leaves, welcoming warm touch of colours, and an aroma of earthiness spreading into your lungs. 


While the celebration of Thanksgiving brings rich sensory experiences of observation, touch, smell, and taste, Halloween, on the other hand, delivers spooky aspects of magic and intrigued curiosity. 


Throughout the week of Halloween, Preschoolers and Toddlers engaged with songs that correlated to the theme, listened to age-appropriate ghostly stories and participated in tactile sensory activities such as creating mummies and slime—of course, not forgetting, the party and parade, which was a day of making endless memories with educators and friends. 

The interests which were observed during this month were as followed:

  • Birds - eggs, nest, food, feathers and names of different kinds of birds

  • Animals - farm animals such as cows, ducks, chickens, pigs, ponies, dogs, cats etc.

  • Pumpkins - different shapes, colours of pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

  • Halloween Party - costumes, imaginary figures,  favorite characters, spiders and ghosts  

  • Letters & Numbers - counting 1 to 5, recognizing 'H' for Halloween, 'P' for Pumpkins and 'B' for Birds

  • Colours - orange, black and white

Happy Halloween!

Children’s artwork displayed

Craving pumpkins in preparation for Halloween!

Parade Time!

Circle time with rhymes & songs

Children engaging in tactile sensory play of creating slime

"It's slippery."

"Stir, stir and wow, look at this!"

"I'm making green slime".

Making playdough...mixing flour, water, salt and a dash of food colouring is so much fun for the young minds.

"Look at my green playdough!"

“Look at my mummy!”

Designing mummies with provided materials

Active engagement with building their mummies

Children immersed with creating their very own bats!

Engaging in dramatic play of grocery shopping

Children excited to play with toy eggs and feathers exploring the texture and colours

Children were exploring texture of the boiled eggs and feathers. Child D was thinking about eating the egg saying to his teacher “I want to eat egg”

After breaking Quail’s egg child “DL” says,”Look teacher, what is inside?”

Child I, excited to twirl egg and repeats again and again

While going through a book, Child E saw picture of an egg and says “Look egg”

He turns the page of the book and he sees nest, as we were discussing about birds and eggs, he says “I see egg but where is bird?”

Decorating headbands with pictures of animals

Child IK decoding words by sounding out letters

Reading Time! Halloween stories

As their interest on food, Child “G” was going through fruit’s book. When she saw watermelon, she exclaimed touching picture of watermelon “ I love watermelons”

According to their interest on Alphabets, they are enjoying tracing and recognising what each letter stands for

Building ramps for cars

Child SP, enjoys aligning people of profession in a straight line.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 7.11.36 PM

Child stacking coloured boxes while trying to find balance

Child A playing with various sensory materials and feeling the texture of smoothness and roughness

Exploring colours: making blue by playing with yellow spagetti noodles and blue soap

Getting hands-on with spaghetti noodles mixed with food colouring

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