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November Stories 

The month of November came with unpredictable weather changes. The weather we experienced varied from sunny and warm, cold and windy, dark and rainy... we even watched as a  snowfall turned our world into a winter wonderland, right before our eyes.  With this ever-changing weather,  we are sure never to be bored as we wake up to a new world each day! 

Like the unpredictable weather we had, the children at Rainbow Village found new interests that challenged their curiosity in a variety of ways. Besides the ongoing interests in letters, colours and numbers,  the children also had fun talking about sea animals and dinosaurs as well as their habitats.  Please sit back and immerse yourself in their fun moments of learning! 

The interests which were observed during this month were:

  • Dinosaurs (classifications, physical appearance, categories of plant and meat-eaters & puppets of paper bags)

  • Aquatic Animals (sharks, fishes)

  • Habitats of Animals (sea, ocean, green land)

  • Autumn Leaves & Acorns (colours, types such as maple or oak)

  • Hair Dressing (imaginary hair salon play, washing and styling mannequins)

  •  Letters & Sound Phonics (pronunciation & decoding of words) 

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