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December Stories 

Although 2020 has been a challenge for many of us, the cheerful festive spirit did not stray from being lively at Rainbow Village, bringing the children a distraction from the outside world and instead allowing them to be jolly once again! As the cool winds blew with carols echoing in the air, the month of lights was finally here. 

The children at Rainbow Village found embracing the holiday's spirit with the X-Mas' parade and by engaging themselves in endless learning experiences that involved the Christmas theme, from creating their very own Gingerbread man to constructing the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with arts and craft materials. While at the same time, engaging in literacy components and science experiments to further enhance their critical thinking and reasoning skills. 

The interests which were observed during this month were:

  • Christmas (Santa Clause & the village, snowman, Christmas tree, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, puppet shows and carols, decorating Gingerbreadman) 

  •   Winter Snow (snow castles, snow angels, food colouring) 

  • Beads (threading, fine motor skills)

  • Colours (science experiment with Skittles)

  • Alphabets (letter puzzles, tracing letters using stencils, enhancing vocabulary)

Preschoolers got a chance to decorate their very own Gingerbread Mans! Every activities were carried out on individualized trays to maximize health and safety measures.

They are spreading the vanilla icing evenly across their Gingerbread Mans

There were so many choices of sprinkles to choose from chocolate shavings to a different sizes, colours, smells, textures and tastes of candies!

Child N engaging happily in making his Gingerbread Man choosing from with lots of candies in a variety of colours, sizes, textures, smells and tastes.

Child G adding colourful buttons to her Gingerbread Man

Child M paying close attention to her educators instructions

A child was proud to explain how she decorated Gingerbread Man to her peers and teachers. A great opportunities for children to develop their oral communication skills and sense of positive self esteem!

A child loved to explore the different colours, textures, sizes, smells and tastes of the sprinkles provided for the activities.

After discovering Santa's reindeers, the children wanted to create their own reindeers

Child G says "Look, I made Rudolph"

With the holiday spirit in, the children are actively engaging in constructing their very own Christmas trees

Child S choosing to decorate his Christmas tree with edible sprinkles instead. He found his own way to decorate his tree!

Child M enjoying her stickering activity. Activities are always altered to different age group, individualized interest or creativity. We believe that every child is the owner of his/her own play or work. We respect the uniqueness of each child.

Child M strengthening her pincer grasping skills

Child I waiting to receive more glitter stickers from his educator. Attentive listening skills and social skill like waiting for his/her turn are always part of the learning process through any activity.

Child S gluing on colourful pom pom balls to his Christmas tree

Child S deciding which sticker to apply next

The children are demonstrating their creativity skills when collaboratively painting the large Snowman display

Child G and D gluing on white circles to individual cut-outs of the Snowman while learning about shapes

With adult scaffolding, the children are actively participating in gluing on white circles to the Snowman

Child J has almost completed in covering the purple circle

The children get an opportunity to create their own Snowman's

Child I gluing on black eyes for her Snowman

Child A using cotton balls to make her Snowman more fluffy

Child D is enjoying on gluing white cotton balls to form the Snowman's face


Child N sprinkling on glitter to his green mitten cut-out

A child pasting on her Santa cut-out before sprinkling glitters

The children are gathered around in observing the science experiment involving Skittles. "What is happening to the Skittle when I dropped it in the milk?"

Educator J slowly pouring milk over the Skittles

The children are amazed in seeing the colourful Skittles create a rainbow like form and how the colours are to mixing together

Finding the right letter of the puzzle: Letter recognition in play

Child M singing the Alphabet song while solving the puzzles

Child S sounding out the Alphabet letters while finding pieces for the puzzle

Child G and J identifying which letters goes next: cooperation with peers exchanging information

Child S applying fine motor skills in threading beads into colourful pine cleaners

Child N and G collaboratively threading beads to make bracelets

Despite the cold weather, the children are actively participating in imaginary play. They are collecting snow in buckets to make a castle.

Working together in piling up ice in the wagon

Ready for take-off!

Parade Time!

Child G happily marching and playing her instrument with her peers during the x-mas parade

Children drumming musical instruments to the beat of Christmas Carols

Child G in tuned with the music with her wooden drum: playing music to the beat of the song

Child Z ready to join the marching parade by choosing his instrument to participate: I chose the rhythm bells!

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