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Meals and Snack

  • Rainbow Village Daycare Centre offers a nutritious 5-week menu. The menu is revised annually under the consultation with a registered nutritionist and it reflects the cultural background of the children at the centre. 

  • We offer breakfast, lunch and 2-afternoon snacks. We have a full-time cook who has a Food Handler Certificate and prepares the meals with fresh ingredients and follows the Canada Food Guide.

  •  All our staff has the Food Handler Certificate as their part of the qualification to work at the centre as well.

  • Rainbow Village is a strictly nut-free environment. Outside food is not allowed to the centre unless it is notified to the supervisor and discussed. For special occasions like birthdays, parents may provide a nut-free treat for their child’s peers. The treat must be from an outside source. Cupcakes are great, as they are easy to serve and loved by everyone!

  • We offer an alternative menu for the children who have food restrictions or preferences due to their health condition or religious practice.

Allergy and Food Preference

Freshly Picked Food

Weekly Menus

To view the 5-week menu, click on the download button

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