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May Stories 

The interests which were observed during this month were:

Community Helpers/Occupation (Dramatic Play of Chefs, Police Officers, Doctors, Firefighters, Bakers, Farmers, and Bus Drivers, Creating a Hospital with Wooden Blocks, Making Chef Hats)

Babies (Changing Diapers, Making Milk Bottle, Giving a Haircut, Health Check-Up at Doctor's Office, Trying out Clothes) 

Building Structures (Building Towers with Wooden, Foam and Flower Blocks, Lego Play, Using 2D and 3D Blocks and Sensory Tubes to create Tall Structures, Magnet Play) 

Means of Transportation (Tracing Car Tracks with Paint, Engaging in Dramatic Play with Cars and Road Paths made with Tape, Car Wash, Digging with Dump Trucks) 

Shapes (Focus on Diamond, Rectangle, Square, Circle and Triangle, Building Structures with Water Colored Blocks, Creating Shapes with Popsical Sticks and Paint, Learning about Shapes with Bingo Dabs and Cut-Out Paper Plates) 

Fruits (Washing Fruits, Garden Sensory Bin, Pretend Play of Icecream Shop, Using Straws to Paint Strawberries, Strawberry and Lemonade Tea Party) 

Colours (Experimenting with Shaving Cream and Food Coloring, Making Slime) 

Insects/Reptiles (Butterfly Paint Collage, Bird Crafts, Ants and Worms Scavenger Hunt, Stamp Painting of Ants, Creating a Bird Kite, Rescuing the Bugs) 

Flowers (Picking out Dandelions, Planting Flowers, Stamp Painting with Flower Petals, Playdough Art, Decorating our very own Flowers, Sink or Float Experiment of Loose Materials) 

After weeks of spring showers and April rainbows, the month of May so long-awaited had finally ushered in with its scented breezes of blooming flowers, misty mornings and clouded skies. Acting as a bridge between spring and summer, this month hinted at warmer weather for those still stuck in spring’s grasp while heating things up for those already well on their way. 

However, like with its unpredictable, this month was cut short due to unfortunate circumstances; nonetheless, the Rainbow Village Family hopes that all families were able to stay safe and healthy during these times. 

With the return back soon, we hope that everyone can gradually fall back into their routines and that new adjustments help everyone feel at home once again. 

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